CHALLENGE: Step into the project on the date of hire and increase production speeds to reach a shortened deadline by business development.  Design user experience for both iPhone and iPad. Organize the data-heavy multi-sports app into a digital product that is elegant and easy to use. Lead Designer for the CBS All Sports app, a 550-screen application that spans all team sports including football, baseball, basketball, college basketball, college football, tennis, and auto racing. Revise production plans and implement techniques along with using Photoshop scripting to streamline production. Lead a team of freelance designers, participate in team building and assisted other members with the technical aspects of Photoshop including shortcuts and advanced usage to speed up production to reach tight deadlines on time and budget. 
PROCESS: Work with sports experts to interpret product development document and create information architecture and wireframes that sports fans will enjoy using.  Break each screen out into individual Photoshop documents and create a production schedule for revolving freelancers. 
RESULTS: The all sports app earned #1 in the app store for over 60 days and was one of the most downloaded sports apps in the history of the app store when it was released. 
At CBS Interactive we also designed all banner ads animated and static. Here are just a few of the CBS Sports Mobile banner ads I personally created for CBS sports. 
Animated interactive design to assist development in recreating exactly what I wanted all the motion to look like. I used Adobe After Effects to animate and export the movie clip. 

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