CHALLENGE: Step into the project and increase production speeds to achieve a tight deadline.  Design user experience for both iPhone and iPad. Organize the data-heavy multi-sports 550-screen application that features, football, baseball, basketball, college basketball, college football, tennis, and auto racing and make it easy to use  Revise production plans and implement techniques along with using Photoshop scripting to streamline production. Lead a team of freelance designers, participate in team building and assisted other members with the technical aspects of Photoshop including shortcuts and advanced usage to speed up production to reach tight deadlines on time and budget. 
PROCESS: Work with sports experts to interpret product development document and create information architecture, wireframes, and UX design that sports fans will enjoy using.  Create a production schedule and onboard revolving freelancers to the design flow. 
RESULTS: The all sports app earned #1 in the app store for over 60 days and was one of the most downloaded sports apps in the history of the app store when it was released. Below are all the screens I designed
These are the wires I created for Major League Baseball, and does not include all the wires for 8 more sports in landscape and portrait on iPad and portrait on iPhone. Once this was complete we both created design variations before settling on a final look we wanted that would stand out from other sports apps at the time. once this was finalized we worked with freelance help to get 560 screens designed. 
This group is National Football League in portrait mode. Keep in mind the CBS Sports app has 560 screens and included Golf, Racing, Tennis, Baseball, Football, and Basketball, Pro and College Leagues. This app was in portrait and landscape on both iPad and iPhone. This was the largest app I'v e ever worked on. When I started at CBS. Sunny Kim was the Creative Director and Lindsey and I were the only in-house designers. To get this done I devised production methods that freelancers could step into even if they were only there for a few days which was often the case. I even made sure the Product Development Document was labeled to correspond with the PSD document names to reduce confusion. With this many screens you start thinking about things like how many seconds it takes to save a photoshop document? I learned how to write photoshop scripts to automate processes so I could walk away while my computer saved all the documents and a script that would copy a design element across all open photoshop documents. This app was a beast and it was the first mobile product I worked on. But I got so many rewards in knowledge gains and relationships I still have today with many of the long list of freelancers that joined us from week to week. Amazing.
These are the NFL iPad designs I did in landscape. I also designed them in portrait, and to put it in perspective I left out about half of the flow and this is only football we have 8 more sports to go! 
At CBS Interactive I also designed banner ads both animated and static. My past life as a Flash animator/developer comes in handy for Marketing work. 
Here are just a few of the CBS Sports Mobile banner ads I put together.

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