Cindyann Bader
Senior Designer at CBS Interactive
Matthew and I worked together at CBS Interactive when our two departments, web and mobile merged together. He was part of a four person team that handled an incredible amount of iPhone and iPad UI design for the CBS app, CBS Sports app, and CBS Grammys app. My team had previously only worked on web design, and mobile web was new to us. Although he had different responsibilities and deadlines, Matt was so very helpful and always had time whenever I had any questions regarding my new additions of mobile web work. I could see that he cared deeply about his projects and it was great to work with him.
Michael O'Connor
Director E-Commerce & Risk Operations at Nickelodeon
Matthew and I worked together on special projects aimed at improving the culture, environment, and business processes within the company. I was impressed with Matthew from Day One. I noticed immediately that he showed more passion, dedication, and commitment than any other participant in the group. I also admired his communication skills. He has the ability to maintain a "casual professionalism" and speak what is on his mind while encouraging and inspiring other team members to do the same. Matthew maintains a greatly developed sense of humor alongside his professional focus and attention to detail. One of the few "real" people I've met in corporate America.
Joey Flores
Chief Marketing Officer at Chefling
I find that design is one of those things that everyone has an opinion about. That can be truly difficult for professional designers who have to balance doing what they know is right with doing what the client asks. Matt was great at letting the Mota management team know best practices and coming up with creative solutions to tough design challenges. I found him fun to work with and I know that, given some time and creative freedom, there is no more exciting artist than Matt McLemore. I have hired him several times since Mota for other projects.
Aaron Roberson
Web Development Engineer II at Amazon Web Services
Matthew has a real gift at being able to cast a vision and effectively communicate that vision to a team. He is exceptional at balancing feature requests with targeted milestones which enables him to accurately set expectations. He's both diplomatic and charismatic. It was my privilege to work beside him at Game Sports Network.
Danni Shinya Luo
Lead Artist at Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds Group
I worked with Matt at MTV network's Neopets (Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds Group). Matt is great at designing User Experience, he has deep knowledge and much experience doing it. He is also top notch at art directions. With a keen eye for visuals, he is full of unique ideas whenever we brainstorm new content. And he can always communicate with us clearly about his visions. On top of all that, Matt is one of the most positive, enthusiastic person I've ever worked with! He brought colors to our office/studio. It was really wonderful to work with him.
Jeff Campbell
Flash Animator at Nickelodeon Animation Studios
Matt has an amazing energy that passes through everything he does. His work ethic is brilliantly motivated. He is the type of person that really doesn't finish a project until he knows for sure that it is just right. He is a delight to work with and definitely makes the workplace a more enjoyable and positive experience! 
Janet Williams
Head of Staffing at Spin Media
Matt was a pleasure to work with! Highly knowledgeable, personable and technically sound. I would recommend Matt to any company who wants a team player and someone you can depend on when you need it. I would hire Matt again!
Rebecca Plummer Schuetz
Social Media Marketing Professional at AOL
Matt is an extremely creative, hard working individual who was always available and willing to show me the ways of the graphic design world. A great team leader who dedicated his time to helping his team to produce an amazing product.
Melissa Viernes
Full Stack Engineer at SupplyFrame
Matt is very experienced in many Adobe products, such as Flash, and has a keen eye for design. He is also technically talented, because when I speak Action-script to him, he understands. He works hard in making an awesome end product while bringing so much energy and camaraderie into the office. His positive attitude and great talent make him a pleasure to work with!
Jimmy Mathew
Producer at MTV Networks
Matthews enthusiasm for originality and creativity was contagious. He tackled creative projects head on and was always a pleasure to see what he came up with. Matt always brought energy into every project we worked ok. Very creative and efficient at what he does. I would recommend Matt for any type of commercial graphics work in a heartbeat. Great guy to work with.
Marianne Offermans
Sr. Marketing Manager at Nickelodeon
Matt and I worked together in the marketing team at the Neopets division of MTV Networks, and I was so sorry when he left us! He is one of the most positive people I know, and I could count on him to take care of just about anything related to Flash or graphics. Even when I asked him to help with matters that were new to him, he was always willing to give it his best shot (and it was usually successful), and always with a smile on his face. I miss working with him!
Hauke Bahr
Lead UX Engineer at GP Strategies Corporation
Matthew works fast, efficient and detail oriented. He is able to work under pressure and finish big projects with short deadlines in a timely manner. He has excellent knowledge of the technologies involved in UI design.
Nils Waschkau
Founder & COO at dwellio
Matt is a highly creative UI Designer. I worked with him on multiple deadline driven projects. He is extremely committed to his work and passionate about the quality that he delivers.
Jamie Estime
QA Director at Game Sports Network
Matthew provides consistently thoughtful feedback on design with a clear vision of the customer's brand. No project is too small or too large for Matthew's taste as he attaches a piece of himself to each deliverable. Matthew's ability to provide relevant, actionable feedback to the creative process is an asset to any team. During my time as QA lead working with Matthew was a joy and I highly recommend Matthew as the Leader of your creative vision.
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