CHALLENGE:  Create an app for iPhone that stands to improve the viewing experience, stand out from the competition and to encourage social interaction. I'm tasked with create wireframes, redesigning our video player, layout the schedule, and work with the team to brainstorm features.

PROCESS: My first step was to research the competition and list feature sets for all competing applications.  Next I researched emerging tech and created a suggestion list for affiliation with various gamification methodologies including sound recognition. This is now my standard formula for creating disruptive products. We used sound recognition to sync trivia with CBS shows in real time.  I did the UI Designs you see below in Photoshop. 
With only three designers on staff, I needed to create production methods to ease integration of freelance staff. I also created the style guide and started weekly design application training to teach team members shortcuts and automated methods I created to increase production speed. My favorite part of working with new people each week was team building. A big part of my process was taking freelancers to lunch and using socialization to support camaraderie and maintain moral as we pushed to maintain a rigorous design schedule.

RESULTS: The app was number one in entertainment on the Apple App store. Social engagement reached record highs for entertainment apps. The sound recognition and trivia gamification disrupted the entertainment app genre. It was the first to use this type of technology and the first to add gamification and chat with the stars to a television viewing app. This is still an amazing product and has been downloaded by millions of people around the world. It doesn't get much better than that. 

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