Challenge: Persuade CEO's CMO's VPs and Marketing from around the US that Ignited offers a unique approach to marketing that can help them accomplish their business goals.

Process: Study analytics of current site usage and establish patterns of flow and drop off. Create user personas to define the target market. Design the user experience and information architecture around a responsive site for desktop and mobile that will add to session durations and reduce drop-off. Create user flow, annotated wireframes and a clickable prototype to be used by designers and developers to complete the site. Do a post-analytic study to quantify results.

Results: A modern, up-scalable masonry design with weighted content that is also ordered based upon content relationship structure, creating an environment of organic flow, so users naturally spend more time viewing related content to their specific demographic needs and industry.
After I dialed in the wireframes and tested the UX with the clickable prototype I passed it off to Ignited in-house designer Scott Holmes who created the clean designs of the finished product. 

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