Within a few days I had set up meetings with various customer service and sales reps to get a clear idea on what known and unknown frictions points in our system I could find. This first Issue that stood out to me as an area needing an immediate review and optimization was the DYL home page.. Based upon the volume of un qualified leads requesting demo's. It became clear to me, users did not  fully understanding what the product was. 
These sales calls were time sucks that directly impacted closing day sales figures. I put together a report with a suggested plan of action. Resources that would be needed and a brief on my process. The first two Images below are from my initial report annotated with known UX issues, and included my recommended solutions. Once I had the OK I began testing, and documenting my findings as I prepped two other team members on how to write proper copy and how to test the copy for conversion. 
Home Messaging Optimization.
Optimize the page copy above the fold to increase customer acquisition via clarity that illustrates exactly what kind of company DYL is and who DYL will benefit with it’s service.
Resources Needed
Front end Dev
UX Design
Recent testing on User Study.com backs up the exsecutive assessment that our site is not coverting customers and why.
In testing it took the random tester almost one full minute to make a guess at what DYL does. It took over two minutes for the user to describe close to the kind of company DYL is.
Users should be able to know what we do in less than ten seconds. Review the user study below.
1. Optimize above the fold
2. Rewrite the above the fold copy, follow marking and psychology best practice, proven conversion funnel copy methods. Test three variations to choose the final copy to be added to the home screen.
3. Test Results to make sure the updates raised conversion values.
4. Using the Metrics Taken before optimization compared to the post optimization metrics according to schedule defined. In Metrics
5. Review and record live user study, Review and document User touch-points from landing to DYL contact. Review and record current heat-maps. Updated these findings on week one, two, three, and four. Then update these results each month.
Project Outline
Write Headline and SubHead for DYL home Screen. (a. Title) and (b. Subtitle)
(See Examples Group 1 on last page of this document)
Title: The Value Proposition. (Hero statement) This first sentence and Title copy will need to be bold impactful have strong emotional value. It needs to do one of two things address or solve a pain point.
Subtitle: The Feature value. This sentence needs to define what we do as a company. It describes features and who our product is for.
When each person is writing copy. List and create the two sentences separate but keep in mind they will be applied together on the homepage above the fold. This way we don’t have repetition from one tagline or the other and we are able to test both tags separately
They can also be followed up with short call to action (demo, signup, call now. etc)
to do this collaboratively the three of us will follow this process.
1. Put together a top ten list of your copyrights that you feel work the best for each sentence - A. Title and B. Subtitle.
2. From your ten lists you need to parse down to the top five that you believe are your absolute best. This will be what you are contributing to the Creative writing group.
3. Each of us will end up with five Hero statements and five business discripriptions. Add those to a shared google. Drop that down to your top 3 and submit.

4. Before you submit your final copy analyze the headline for emotional value and conversion values and add those scores in front of each headline Links are listed on the next page.
These are here to be used to suggest possible engagement. The specific copy should follow intelligent creative choices based upon objectives (always reality check the analytics.)
40 is below average.
 67 Average
Emotional Marketing Value
Between 30-50 percent drives social engagement.
Words which are especially effective when offering products and services that require reasoning or careful evaluation.
Words which resonate in with Empathetic impact often bring out profound and strong positive emotional reactions in people.
Words which have the strongest potential for influence and often appeal to people at a very deep emotional level.
Headlines with little or no emotional words rarely do as well as headlines with stronger emotional content. You can attempt to shorten your headlines, or use different words and analyze the new headline.

Copy Recommendations Previews
Phone Sales, Simplified
VOIP Phones With Built-In Sales Automation.
ENG_Co: Headline: 10 C- SubHead: 59 B+
HQS: Headline: 39 SubHead: 66
EMV: Headline: 0 SubHead: 0
All: Neutral

Phone Sales, Just got easy!
VOIP Phones With Built-In Sales Automation, Auto Lead Dial, CRM, & Picture/Text Message.
ENG_Co: Headline: 55 B+ SubHead: 28 B+
HQS: Headline: 64 SubHead: 70
EMV: Headline: 40% SubHead: 8.33%
HL: Empathetic - Intellectual SH: Neutral

The Ultimate Business Phone System.
Integrated VOIP, Text Messaging, CRM, & Dialing Software
ENG_Co: Headline: 56 B+ SubHead: 40 C-
HQS: Headline: 70 SubHead: 69
EMV: Headline: 0 SubHead: 0
All: Neutral

The Ultimate Phone Sales System
VOIP Phone Service With Built-In CRM, Text Messaging, & Dialing Software.
ENG_Co: Headline: 55 B+ SubHead: 42 B+
HQS: Headline: 70 SubHead: 71
EMV: Headline: 0 SubHead: 0
All: Neutral

Simple, Reliable Phone service for modern sales teams
VOIP phone service to instantly connect with leads and rapidly grow your business
ENG_Co: Headline: 63 B+ SubHead: 39 B+
HQS: Headline: 73 SubHead: 66
EMV: Headline: 37.50% SubHead: 30.77%
HL: Intellectual SH: Intellectual

A phone service designed to make you money.
We integrated a phone system with a contact manager, so you can make more sales faster
ENG_Co: Headline: 74 B+ SubHead: 46 B+
HQS: Headline: 66 SubHead: 72
EMV: Headline: 37.50% SubHead:18.75%
HL: Spiritual SH: Empathetic - Spiritual - Intellectual

More sales. Better service. Less cost.
Phone Sales and Service Software. With Auto Lead Dialer, Picture, Text Messaging, & Office Manager.
ENG_Co: Headline: 51C-  SubHead: 17 B+
HQS: Headline: 61 SubHead: 70
EMV: Headline: 16.67% SubHead: 6.25%
HL: Empathetic SH:

Higher sales. More control. Lower cost.
The all in one VOIP phone sales and service software that connects you with more leads than you thought possible.
ENG_Co: Headline: 44 C- SubHead: 41 B+
HQS: Headline: 62 SubHead: 80
EMV: Headline: 16.67% SubHead: 20%
HL: Empathetic SH:Spiritual

More sales. Happy customers. Bigger profits.
Sales & service software, lead auto dialer, Text and Picture Messaging with Office Manager.  The control you need to earn more money.
ENG_Co: Headline: 50 C- SubHead: 50 A+
HQS: Headline: 60 SubHead: 75
EMV: Headline: 33.33% SubHead: 23.81%
HL: Empathetic Intellectual SH: Empathetic

Call more leads. Help more customers. Finally, earn profits you deserve.
Get business VoIP phone service, picture & text messaging and a high-speed dialer all in one complete system.
ENG_Co: Headline: 62 A+ SubHead: 41 A+
HQS: Headline: 72 SubHead: 80
EMV: Headline: 54.55% SubHead: 5.88%
HL: Intellectual SH: Neutral

User Study

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