You are looking for a hands-on Sr. Level UI UX Designer; to help direct your team. You came to the right place. Expert level in all the creative tools including prototyping wireframes etc. They work well with clients and communicate ideas in a way that is easily understood.

Matthew McLemore knows what experience is needed to be a seasoned Senior UI/UX Designer, and team leader?

Over ten years experience designing for both web and mobile, a traditional art background, tenacity, creative vision, desire, great ideas, living a life filled with an incredible variety of experiences, remind ourselves every day that even with all this knowledge, we still have a lot to learn. To be a great UI/UX Designer, we have to convey the importance of research, and actual user tests. Many CEO’s believe they already know what the customer wants; many companies are losing business to companies who are practicing good UX. It’s always important to ask and listen. Then out of all the information make the best decisions that you believe will reach your goals. The designers, responsibility does not end until we create a cohesive customer experience across every user touch point. A happy customer is good for business.

Over ten years experience designing user interfaces for digital products.
Flash and After Effects for animation of banners, marketing materials, and user interactivity.
Excellent eye for visual design, confident in emulating any design style from clean to realism.
Interactive design, information architecture, psychology-driven design decisions to motivate users, and to define marketing objectives that meet goal driven metrics.
Ideation and critical thinking, strategy, problem-solving, working within conditional constraints and defining best practice methodology.
A team player, with a positive, collaborative enthusiasm for working hands on.
Matthew McLemore at your service:)

About Matthew McLemore

Digital product designer, animal lover, UX design professor, and delightfully cynical of anything unresearched. It has been rumored that tattooed on the back of his neck in Old E are the letters "GTS" (Google That Shit)

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